Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates.


From 1st October 2008 all commercial buildings will require an EPC. An EPC is only required when a non-dwelling is constructed, sold or rented out. The certificate is valid for 10years.


The Commercial EPC is accompanied by a recommendations report which shows how the energy efficiency of the building, could be improved. Payback periods for the costs of installing new equipment are shown. These recommendations are provided in four categories, relating to the payback period.



A Commercial EPC provides an energy rating for a building which is based on the performance potential of that building. Services such as lighting, heating and ventilation, are taken into account as well as the way in which these services are controlled. 

The now industry standardised A-G energy rating given on the certificate, will reflect the intrinsic energy performance standard of the building relative to a benchmark.  


A Commercial building requires a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

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