Domestic Energy Performance Certificates


The Energy Performance Certificate, which ranks the energy efficiency of a home with A to G ratings, must be produced by the seller within 28 days of putting a home on the market.


The energy performance certificate assessment, takes measurements to analyse the cost of heating, water and lighting for a house or flat and makes recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the property.


All rented accommodation require an EPC on first change of Tenancy after 1st October 2008. 


checking insulation in loft for a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

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SMG Consultancy offers a friendly reliable and efficient service. The EPC will be lodged on the Government Central Landmark Registry within 2 working days.


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Do you own a Holiday Home?

The Government Regulation to have an Energy Performance Certificate has been a legal requirement since June 2011. They will apply to all Holiday Homes let out, for a combined total of four months in any 12 month period. Here at 'energyinhouse' we can provide a professional efficient service, supplying your EPC.